What data do you need to generate high quality B2B leads?

The B2B lead generation market is over $2 Billion. There are over 1000 companies providing data of all sorts to marketes and sales professionals. From helping you build target lists to generating email campaigns.

The question is which is the most important piece of data you need to target your potential customer?

There are 10 different pieces of information that could be relevant:

  1. Firmographic data: Size of the company, revenues, etc.
  2. Demographic data: # of employees, location, etc.
  3. Technographic data: installed list of products and technology
  4. Spend and budget: the amount of money the company spends on various products
  5. Org chart: the organizational and political landscape of the company
  6. Pain points: the most important strategic issues for the company that keep your target person awake
  7. Industry trends: the things that are going on with their competitors and the industry your target company is in
  8. Compelling event: what news about the company makes them want to buy now
  9. Contact information: the email or phone # of your target buyer (economic buyer and user)
  10. Past purchase: what the company has purchased from your company
  11. Behavioral trends: what the users do with your product / application / website
  12. Role and title: of the person looking to buy products like yours

Of these are top 3 that make are the most important are: Role and title, Contact information and demographic data.

That’s because the others are expensive.

We are looking to provide you all the other data at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Lead generation data

Author: Munmun

Engineer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

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