What’s the fastest way to get up-to-speed with a new industry or market?

Market Landscape

Lets say you were given an overnight assignment from your boss. Or you wanted to prepare for a big meeting with the leadership team and were asked to “research a new market – say Robotics”.

What all would you do? You have very little time, (overnight) and lots of new stuff to learn.

The typical set of things I did as a product manager was:

  1. Search on google for analyst reports on the market: (Pro tip: use filetype:pdf to get hard to find reports) – for example: Robotics market filetype:pdf on google.
  2. Search for “landscape maps” – oh those wonderful landscape maps. Full of logos in neat boxes, that look like a mess.
  3. Find a few key “influencers”  – entrepreneurs, investors, reporters, journalists, consultants, analysts, etc. in the space to scan their twitter feed. Then go into a rabbit hole finding more stuff on twitter than I ever needed. Need. To. Focus.
  4. Locate key events supporting that space – seminars, conferences, etc. so I can track what the key themes are
  5. Research a few up and coming companies, to understand their offering, messaging, positioning, pricing, etc.
  6. Get some metrics and stats on the space from as many sources as I can – how many companies, how much funding, etc.
  7. Hunt a few customer use cases by reading key blogs, news sources and publications

I would then put all this together in a OneNote or Evernote and start to form a thesis of the story. These would typically go into a set of charts on a PowerPoint or a 1 page document for background on a Word document.

Done well, this entire exercise would take me days if not weeks, and it would be pretty superficial if I did it in one evening.

What if I told you, that all of these can be done on Zuput in less than 30 minutes. And you can create reports and charts from the system to fit your research need?

Sign up for Zuput to take us for a spin. Its free during our beta period.

Author: Munmun

Engineer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

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