A simple system for tracking, monitoring, researching and analyzing startup for Micro VC Funds

Micro VC Funds
Micro VC Funds

If you are an early stage startup fund manager with under $50 Million under investments, you have a small team (most likely 1-2 people, including you) and little room for expenses. Most time is spent hustling to get into the top deals and helping entrepreneurs you have invested in.

Early stage startup fund managers and investors don’t have a simple, secure and inexpensive solution to research startups, analyze their pipeline, monitor their companies and track their startup investments. In the absence of such a system, they use multiple tools including email for monitoring and notifications, cloud drive for sharing and analyzing, spreadsheets for analyzing and free databases for research.

Zuput is an easy to use, reliable and automated solution to manage your investment pipeline, supervise your portfolio and review key data, It performs the role of a CRM system, a startup analysis platform and reporting solution, all in one for $100 per month.

With Zuput, you can

  • research a new market or track the startups in your region
  • collect all due diligence information for analysis
  • automate reporting of your pipeline
  • manage and track your portfolio and
  • monitor your investments

Zuput also integrates with key tools such as Dropbox, Gmail, Slack and Asana to help you be more productive.

So instead of relying on free crowdsourced databases or expensive deal analysis platforms, you can have the power of a curated system with the built-in integration of a CRM application and collaboration without having to pay for all of them separately.

Author: Munmun

Engineer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

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