How do venture investors monitor their pipeline of startup opportunities?

Most Venture firms with about $100M to $500M in investment capital invest in about 5-10 companies each year for 5-7 years. Which means they invest in about 25-50 companies. VC’s review about 100 – 150 companies for every company they invest in. They need a good VC pipeline, dealflow and portfolio management solution to manage these opportunities.

According to the quarterly VC survey, over 60% of the 1500 US firms used Excel and email to manage their dealflow. Of the remainder, many have transitioned to newer CRM systems such as Pipedrive or Prosperworks, and few others have also considered old deal management systems such as Altvia or Venture 360 but these systems are generic CRM systems with no specialized reporting support for Venture requirements and require a lot of manual input.

Zuput addresses both these specific issues with our meta-heuristics application Zuput Invest. With over 1.5 Million startups in our research platform, we provide the best way to reduce data entry and make it easy to get portfolio reporting for your LP’s, collaboration with your partners and reduced data entry to save time and give you more accurate pipeline status.

Author: Munmun

Engineer. Entrepreneur. Mom.

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